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The constant evolution and intensification of the economy internationalization and globalization processes demand better performance of the industrial and logistic sectors by taking action on: the reduction of terms, the inefficiency of maintaining stocks and the tension on transport costs, which are constantly increasing.

This global scenario leads to the need for strengthening logistic capabilities to maintain the competitiveness of territories. For those territories that strengthen their capabilities, a double opportunity takes place:

  • Development of the logistics sector as a sector with capacity to boost economic activity and employment.
  • Industrial companies will be able to successfully address their supply chain's internationalization, turning market demands into opportunities that improve their international market shares.

By betting on the fact tath cross-border logistic sector is not only able to enhance the development of a strategic sector for the Euroregion but also to strengthen the competitiveness of all primary and industrial sectors that support its operation and competitiveness in the logistics chains.

The objective of CoLogistics is to boost logistics activity in the Galicia-North of Portugal territory, through strengthening the organizational and technological capabilities of the Galicia-North of Portugal logistics system, for the promotion of internationalization and increasing the overseas' companies presence in the fields of logistics and transport.

The project seeks to improve the capabilities of all components of the logistics function:


Activity 1: Information and analysis of the needs and logistics opportunities for the Euroregion

This activity involves launching the project by analyzing the performance of logistics function in the Euroregion Galicia-North of Portugal, analyzing who the key agents are, what the global opportunities industrial and logistics sectors are facing, also the state of the external connectivity of the Euroregion and the possibilities for improvement. In the definition and development of activities, the different levels or components of the logistics function and the interrelationships between them will be considered.

Activity 2: Boosting logistics competitiveness in the Euroregion

This activity proposes a set of actions to improve Euroregion logistics sector competitiveness, by developing both the sector itself and the industrial sectors in which logistics is a relevant factor in its competitiveness, both in its supply chains and exports.
Among the actions, an innovative entrepreneurship and business program will be developed, in the cross-border logistics sector, which highlights entrepreneurship as a vector for introducing competitiveness in companies.

Activity 3: Technological and non-technological innovation in the industrial and logistics sectors

Given the high and rising percentage that logistics costs represent in industrial companies, it is necessary to stimulate the introduction of technologies which allow a cost reduction, but also the improvement of performance in competitiveness factors such as the reduction of environmental impact or improvement of delivery times.

Activity 4: Logistics joint collaboration structures

Collaborations in the logistics field will be improved to plan and develop programs and joint actions between the different levels of the logistics function, which result in the positioning improvement and performance of Galicia-North of Portugal Euroregion as a relevant point in the global logistics maps.

Expected Results

  • External positioning Improvement in transport and logistics companies of the Euroregion.
  • Increase in exports of Galicia-North Portugal's strategic economy sectors.
  • Improvement of the management and promotion of industrial equipment and logistics infrastructure in the Euroregion.
  • Strengthening the culture of innovation and competitiveness in the transport and logistics sectors.


  • Innovative Portin general terms, the CoLogistics project seeks to foster the culture of innovation and competitiveness in transport and logistics sector. This will be achieved through the implementation of actions aimed at designing an entrepreneurship program that encourages the proposal of projects with innovative solutions for challenges posed and technology transfer; also through the use of innovative services to boost the creation of digital tools for logistics improvement; or by creating the Green Logistics promotion program that will analyze the projects with the greatest environmental impact,, while proposing improvement actions.
  • Connected Port: the coordination, and logistics and transport efficiency will be improved with the execution of CoLogistics, as well as the implementation of Industry 4.0 related to logistics and optimization of supply chains and connections, those elements will be encouraged between the different links of chains and new technologies such as sensing and locating merchandise or demand prediction.

Actual Status

CoLogistics, led by the Confederation of Entrepreneurs of Pontevedra - CEP-, was submitted to the Interreg-POCTEP call for funding, being approved and having started its execution in February 2019.


Confederación de Empresarios de Pontevedra - CEP


Puerto de Vigo Administração dos Portos do Douro, Leixões e Viana do Castelo, SA Instituto Galego de Promoción Económica - IGAPE Dirección Xeral de Mobilidade, Xunta de Galicia Associação Empresarial de Portugal – AEP Câmara Municipal  de Famaliçao