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The "Vigo Seafest", is an annual event celebrated in the city of Vigo and focused on gastronomy and culinary culture of seafood, aimed at the public of Vigo, visitors and tourists, but also at all related interest groups with the fishing, processing, marketing and catering industry.

This initiative was raised due to the lack of leisure events specifically aimed at promoting fishery products in a city that "makes a living at sea". For this reason, ARVI (Cooperative of Shipowners of the Port of Vigo) organizes and celebrates the “Vigo Seafest” event annually, with the main objective of promoting local fishery products in a festive atmosphere and reflecting the social and economic importance of fishing in this city.

This event is consolidated every year, as a result of the success and good reception from the city. The number of sponsors increases every year. It is already a reference event in Spain for the promotion of seafood, through an event that combines various activities such as concerts, workshops on various topics, sports, show cooking, among others.

Expected results

The Vigo SeaFest aims to be an annual reference event to taste the local fresh products that arrive in the Port of Vigo. In this way, the following results are expected to be achieved:

  • Increase local consumption of local fishery products.
  • Improve the image of the products and give them value for the public.
  • Promote local gastronomy businesses
  • Promote the city of Vigo as a tourist destination.
  • Promote the new gastronomic culture.
  • Promote sustainable production.
  • Promote the healthy qualities of seafood.


Inclusive port: the Vigo SeaFest is an event designed with the objective of promoting local fishery products in order to foster their consumption. The objective of enhancing value of this products is also pursued, as they are of first quality. To do this, in an innovative way, it targets citizens and makes them participate throughout the event; They offer outreach workshops to families, leisure activities such as concerts, showcookings and signature cuisine are offered, and the city's own hospitality companies can also participate. It is shown that it is possible to promote local fishery products and promote their consumption, involving both citizens, companies and public entities.

Current state

The first Vigo SeaFest event has taken place in 2017 and since then it has become an annual event that is held in the summer season in the city of Vigo. Every year it grows in sponsorships and participation, as well as in new activities.

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