What is it?

Blue Growth is the European Commission Strategy for the recovery of the economy in Europe, encouraging the investment and technological innovation in those areas related to the Maritime Economy, or Blue Economy, identifying key factors and actions to promote the employment and the economic growth in a sustainable way.

Blue Growth in Vigo

The Port of Vigo is the pioneering port in Europe in the implementation of the Blue Growth Strategy in a comprehensive manner by the certainty that the impulse to the Blue Economy has to be realize from all sectors with identical strength.

Promoting competitiveness, efficiency and sustainability in all his activities, installations and services.


Innovation is an essential concept of the Blue Growth Strategy and, therefore, of the Port of Vigo. In order to become an innovative port, we promote the development of more efficient technologies; we offer improved services to our users; we encourage an open innovation, by integrating private sector with research institutions, technological centers and universities.

Puerto innovador

In the Port of Vigo we work to become the green port of reference in the south Europe, through actions and projects enforced to recover zones where the industrial and urban activity has left his footprint; promoting the use of clean energy technologies; and implementing more environmental- friendly processes.

Puerto innovador

A connected port is synonymous of competitiveness, reason why, in the Port of Vigo we work to digitalize the administrative processes and multiply the maritime lines; we support digital transformation and the use of ICT tools in communication.

Puerto innovador

People are the center of an Inclusive Port, that is why from the Port of Vigo we are committed to: design training programs to satisfy the needs of the current market; integrate traditional sectors into the new concept of Blue Economy; improve the interaction between all agents related to the sea, investing in social innovation

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Our Ocean Malta 2017
Europe 2020

Port of Vigo announced it will reduce by 30% its emissions (CO2, SOx and NOx) and will reach 3% energy self-sufficiency by 2022.

To achieve this it will carry out actions that will promote GNL use and application of innovative actions on algae capture of CO2, support implementation 100% clean energy self-sufficiency for National Natural Park Illas Cies as a pilot project and raise awareness/training of at least 1000 users of Port of Vigo (all activities included) on the need for clean and blue energy."

Working areas


Organizations involved

Ministerio de Agricultura y Pesca, Alimentación y Medio Ambiente Puertos del estado Ministerio de fomento
Campus do Mar CZVF Gain Xunta de Galicia
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