Development of Port Infrastructures


In progress


The Vigo Port service area covers 2,572,577 m2 in 5 municipalities. On the left side of The Ría, the service area extends along with the municipalities of Vigo and Redondela; while on the right side, along with the municipalities of Vilaboa, Moaña, and Cangas.

Most of the infrastructure and facilities for goods and passengers transportation, and fishing, are, however, in the municipality of Vigo (over a total of 2,048,854 m2).

In the remaining port area, a series of concessions are located, which are mainly refrigeration equipment installations dedicated to fishing traffic, naval construction, andrepair facilities. The beaches are excluded from the port area.

The objective of this project is to carry out a study about port infrastructures (possibility for extensions, reconversions, etc.) based on the future needs detected, under a 20-year vision.

  • To analyze the needs for the berthing enlargement in the container terminal due to Post-Panamax containers derived from the expansion of the Panama Canal.
  • To analyze new uses for esplanades or lands that are released from their current concessions. 
  • Expansion of the commercial dock.
  • Analysis of costs and operations for the intermodal port connection: analyze the possibility of ADIF repositioning or session to the Guixar terminal.
  • Improvement study for the facilities located in the municipality of Redondela.

Specific actions

  • Action 36: Search for new institutional representation entities.

Description: Search for new institutions of institutional representation at a national level (ANESCO has priority for the Mediterranean area).

  • Action 37: Actions associated with SAGEP.
Description: New operations in the field of stowage in Vigo. Operational flexibility and costs; Review regulations compliance.

  • Action 38: Commercial Port Advisory Committee.
Description: Creation of a joint Vigo Port Activity and logistics-port companies committee that addresses the following issues: improved competitiveness, improved communication, Galicia as a single port, application of rates and taxes, etc.

  • Action 39: Land connections Improvement.
Description: To urge the toll exemption on motorways for carriers in the routes: Vigo-Pontevedra, Vigo-Redondela, and Porriño-Tui; to urge the execution of the Pontevedra-Vigo interior highway; to study the regulatory impact on the containers' weight and transportation by land and sea; light containers development analysis. 

  • Action 40: Commercial Promotion Committe.

Description: Dynamization of the Commercial Promotion Committee; creation of specialized thematic subcommittees; completion of inverse missions; take advantage of the momentum of Blue Growth's Vigo Port with commercial purposes for the increase of traffic in the port. 

  • Action 41: Interactive map / Cartography Vigo Port.
Description: Create an interactive map of the port facilities and include it in the new VPA website. 


  • Connected Port: since work is being done to improve connectivity and integration usage of the connections between the ports and their area of influence.

Actual State

The project is currently underway through PA VIGO's financing. Some activities have already been carried out for the creation and release of the port surface.