Logistic Hub 4.0


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In the infrastructure development area, the PLISAN Project-Logistics Hub 4.0 project, aims to provide PLISAN with infrastructure and technology needed to make it an innovative intermodal industrial logistics platform with a view to positioning it as a benchmark industrial facility and solving the lack of space availability at the port.

In this project, the intelligent intermodal connection of goods (port-rail-road) is of special importance, through the creation of a PLISAN module that can be integrated into Smart ViPort for the storage and collection of data relating to energy consumption, inputs and outputs, and the management of administrative procedures, as well as the development of the infrastructures and technologies necessary to meet the demands of advanced logistics 4.0.

Another of the points included in this project is the creation of the Logistics Knowledge Centre, from which activities aimed at study, training and research in logistics and innovation can be carried out.


Phase I
  • Intelligent intermodal connection for goods with the Port of Vigo and other centers of peninsular activity (railway siding).
  • Design of the purification and water treatment facilities.
  • Infrastructures and technologies provision to meet the needs of advanced logistics.
  • Implementation of sustainability and energy efficiency measures.
  • Design of a PLISAN module that can be integrated into Smart ViPort for storing and collecting data on energy consumption, incoming and outgoing goods, and managing administrative procedures.
  • Creation of a Logistics Knowledge Center.

Phase II
  • Intermodal connection for passengers in the area of Vigo, Salvaterra, As Neves and other population interest centers.


It is a transversal project within the Blue Growth Plan framework for its contribution to three objectives of the Port of Vigo:

Connected Port: by committing to the inclusion of cutting-edge digital tools in order to improve energy management and efficiency.

Innovative Port: integrating a knowledge, transfer, entrepreneurship and R+D+i ecosystem, it boosts the competitiveness of the maritime-port economy from the point of view of social and evoronmental sustainability. 

Inclusive Port: focused on people, promotes quality employment and professional development, strengthening professional skills and promoting social innovation. Likewise, through advisory actions, the aim is to ensure that workers obtain the certifications and homologations of the work carried out.


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