RoRo plus Terminal


In progress


To increase the Vigo Port's Terminal efficiency, Ro-Ro Plus Terminal project was conceived, whose main objective is the expansion and improvement of the terminal infrastructure.

Through this project it is expected to speed up the terminal's operation, increase its capacity to accommodate future traffic increment on the Sea Highway due to the increase in returns or due to the evolution of new lines. It is also contemplated to enhance intermodality with road transportation modal. 

This is why the project is structured according to the following blocks: docks, access, spaces, services.


  • Docks: enabling new berthing lines and/or adapting a section of the jetty to install a new berthing line. Increased draft of the border attraction lines.
  • Access: Renovation/extension/authorization for traffic rolled to the terminal and, specifically, to the floating ramp. Study of access to road traffic on the side of the repair dock. Adaptation of access to the circulation of large trailers (mega trucks). Installation of a digital access control system to the terminal traffic road. Installation of several signals and the main connection traffic route with the terminal.
  • Spaces: Increase the number and/or capacity of the parking lot. Use of concessioned spaces. Restructuring of the circulation roads in the terminal.
  • Services: Enabling the waiting area for trucks attached to the terminal site.


With the RoRo Plus Terminal Project is expected to further promotes the following objective:

  • Connected Port: since work is being done to improve connectivity and integrated use of the connections between the ports and their influence area .

Current state

Currently, the project is underway through APVIGO's financing.