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Cruise Traffic

Cruise Traffic



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The digitization process undergone by the legal channels for the circulation of tourist information continues to deepen, which opens the door to a double possibility: on the one hand, to refine the analysis of the preferences and level of satisfaction of those who use tourist services and On the other, to bring the information of the available offers to the end user immediately, with the dynamism of the digital medium.

Thus, this project aims to create a digital tool that integrates in an accessible, updated and captivating way all the content derived from the tourist products that Vigo offers to cruise passengers and other visitors; this tool will interact with them while they remain on the ship, previous arrive at Vigo, or already at destination;  it will collect the user experience so that providers and tour operators have the opportunity to continually improve their product and service offerings and adapt it to different customer segments.


- To develop a web platform linked to a mobile device application.

- To prepare and keep updated tourist content adapted to cruise passengers.

- The creation of a Virtual Hospitality Desk for information on previous scales and information on board.

- To integrate intermodality as a facilitating element of access to points of interest.

- The development of smart signage for visitors and cruise passengers.

- The dissemination in the specialized media of the offer offered by cruise tourism in Vigo.

- To disseminate the technical-nautical characteristics of the Port of Vigo.


  • Conected Port: this project seeks to manage tourist offers and services through the use of digital tools.

Current state

The action lines of the project are currently being specified, and those with the highest priority are being identified, to prepare the proposals and present them to the appropriate financing calls.