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This project seeks to promote the fishing sector of Vigo as a specialist in sustainable fishing, given the increased demand by consumers for quality and environmentally friendly products, which advocate sustainability and conservation of natural resources.

The present project is aimed at creating an image focused on the social responsibility of the Vigo fishing fleet, which will improve its reputation. It is also proposed to introduce improvements such as the ecological labeling of fishery products, the promotion of sustainable fishing or the enhancement of all the efforts and initiatives carried out by the sector in this matter.


- Analysis of the current image.

- Study of good practices.

- Creation of a brand for fishery products: promoting the sustainability and quality of the products, as well as their nutritional value.

- Enhancement of the role of local companies in development cooperation.

- Dissemination on social networks.

- Search for supports in the public administration.

- One of the activities arises in collaboration with the FAO (Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations), as a result of the meeting of the FAO Committee on Fisheries (July 2018). The Port of Vigo will launch the "Blue Fishing Ports" initiative. This action is based on the concepts of the economy and sustainable blue growth to enhance the "triple bottom line" of fishing ports, that is, to work on preserving the environment while promoting social benefits and economic growth. For this, a global inventory of the main fishing ports will be carried out, the necessary actions will be prioritized so that the sustainable ports provide environmental, social and economic benefits. Finally, a guide of good practices for the blue fishing ports will be prepared.


The project "Vigo pole international excellence in fishing" contributes to the following objectives of the Blue Growth Plan:

  • Connected port: understood in a wide sense, since the project pretendes the use of different means of communication to reinforce the brand image, for example social networks.

  • Green port: this project will have a positive impact on the conservation and protection of marine resources through the commitment to the social responsibility of the fishing fleet, the ecological labeling of the products or the promotion of sustainability in the fishing activity.

Current state

The action lines of the project with the highest priority are being identified, to prepare the proposals and present them to the appropriate financing lines.

The "Blue Fishing Ports" initiative, it has recently been launched.