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The fishing port of Vigo generates an activity of around 200 million euros. This is why this port is considered one of the fishing ports of reference at European and global level, apart from shaping a showcase for Galicia. In order to keep this position, the infrastructures of the fish market and the related processes have to be highly competitive.

In this context, the project Fish Market 4.0 (in Spanish, Lonja 4.0), promotes the competitivity and the viability of the companies in the fishing sector, though the application of previous knowledge in automotive, ICT and fishing sector. Concretely, the work lines focus on the improvement of the ergonomics, information management, the improvement of services and production management. In this way, Fish Market 4.0 uses the current technologies in order to optimize the activities developed in the port through the application of ICT tools, and to monitor all the information about captures, transactions and sales that occur daily in this space.

The proposed improvements within the project Fish Market 4.0 have a positive impact on the handling processes, on product quality and on the energy efficiency of the market activity, adapting the market to the concept of INDUSTRY 4.0.

The proposed objectives will be achieved through the development of the following tasks:

  • Paperless: Fish Market 4.0 proposes the combination of ICT tools (fish market information, slot allocation software...), intelligent technologies and video-surveillance systems for the development of a fish market computerized management system.
  • Energy Efficiency: Proposal of reduction of energy demand and the improvement of the refrigeration in the fish market showroom and sale room, and the loading docks. These measures allow the conservation of fish and the keeping of the cold chain in the fish market, which contributes with a higher quality of the process.
  • Enabling of spaces for retail activity: In the port of Vigo work a large number of retailers (more than 600 vans per day) that currently do not have a specific location. Therefore, Fish Market 4.0 proposes the design of spaces and stands, where the retail trade can be centralized. These stands will be specialized designed in order to work of a quick way, consistent with the public health requirements and ergonomics standards.
  • Enabling of an eviscerated room for swordfish: It is proposed to enable a specific space for evisceration, of 350m2 next to the current selling and show room for large fish. This space will be designed based on the improvements proposed for the workers, in order to avoid complicated positions during the product handling and to optimize the process times.
  • Improvements in logistics and flow in the auction rooms: The objective of this task is to improve the logistics of the fish entry, the reduction of process times and the improvement of the ergonomics of workers
  • Redesign of the packing for the conditioning of the fish in the fish market: The standardization of the boxes used in the fish market allows the improvement in the use of spaces as well as the monitoring through the proposed computerized management systems. In addition to this, Fish Market 4.0 proposes the study of a box concept that eliminates the dripping of water from the upper box to the lower box, and the possibility of contamination of the fish with soil water.


- Ensuring of the traceability and the quality control

- Monitoring of the fish market in real-time

- Improvement of the cooling systems

- Saving and optimization of the energy resources

- Centralization of the retail activity

- Reduction in the fish handling

- Logistics optimization

- Improved ergonomics of the taks of evisceration

- Avoiding of the contamination of fish with soil water


The Fish Market 4.0 seeks the excellence of the market services of the Port of Vigo, through the integration of efficient and flexible processes, which allow to improve the work conditions and to adapt the demands of the market in an agile way.

In this way, the Fish Market 4.0 promotes:

  • An innovative port that uses technological solutions for the distribution of spaces among the users, and that uses simulation tools in order to predict, compare and optimize their behaviour in different scenarios.
  • A connected port with all the Galician fish markets. In addition to the main national and international fish markets, through computerized solutions for the communication and consolidation of information.

  • An inclusive port working aspects related to ergonomics and occupational health, in order to contribute to the improvement of working conditions of the professionals in the sector.

Current State

Currently, the project is being carried out with funds from the Port Authority of Vigo. In addition to this, other co-financing through exit mechanisms are being searched (FEMP, FEDER...).


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